inspirational quote of “this is why you never ever ever cry during session.”

Also, my life is so stupid I just made my therapist cry when I was talking about stuff. I was talking about the old rape or something and she starts tearing up and then crying and I was like, “Why are you crying?” and she said, “Your life,” and I said, “Is it really that bad?” Because I thought this was just growing up. Maybe not. Maybe I’m special in the worst way.

-Elissa Washuta, My Body is a Book of Rules

Side note: something similar happened to me when I was in college, and it had the awesome effect of me thinking that I was broken beyond repair (I mean, if my story was so fucked up that it made a psychologist cry, it kinda follows…) and therapy would never help me.

of Questionable Clinical Value


I read non-stop, and my reading material is…eclectic, to say the least. I found this one in  the philosophy section.

Choice Quotes:

“Self-aggrandizing asshole with thin moral pretext.”

“To see this, consider why we swear out loud at the asshole in traffic.”

“When we are at risk for being exploited, we can at least take ourselves out of the asshole’s way.”

It has also usefully confirmed my (extremely negative) opinion of Flaubert, which felt pretty good.